I/O Winterization

We check lower unit oil (outboard and I/O), then mix one bottle of Quicksilver Fuel Treatment, one bottle of Valvtect, and one bottle of Startron Enzyme fuel treatment (a $38 value) in each gas tank of boat. Next we start and run engine until it gets up to temperature, then we shut off engine and remove engine and manifold drains (I/O's). Next we hook up our pump system, start the engine, run non-toxic antifreeze through the engine until the antifreeze runs out of the plugs and manifold. We then fog the engine with our own blend of fogging oil (used for 36 years) and shut off engine. We reinstall all the engine plugs and put the drive or outboard in the up position and cover the hub of the lower unit to keep water out. I disconnect the battery and grease engine fittings. We also remove and leave out the hull plug.

We will tell you of any necessary repairs and estimate the cost of these repairs. We will only do what you request and at a fair price. We recommend any fluid changes be done in the Spring so you start of the season with fresh fluids.

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